The Broken Scooter is your one-stop destination to discover the best of the Twin Cities(Bhubaneswar & Cuttack). We create and curate compelling stories ignored by other mass media portals about topics ranging from Art & culture to the best of events, street-eat joints, travel destinations, outdoor activities, hidden shopping destinations and much more.  So every time you log-in, we take you on a ‘Wryde’ around your city.


But…why ‘The Broken Scooter’?

We started this venture on our scooters (a broken-down vespa).We still remember dragging the scooter through rains and swamps for the meetings. Broken Scooter is also symbolic for our lives, it re-invokes a sense of nostalgia of growing up in the era of scooters. We all grew up to live in an age of automatic cars, high speed bikes but somewhere we lament the demise of the scooter which carried so efficiently the dreams and aspirations of the Indian middle class family for so long. The Broken Scooter is our humble attempt to document and empower you to discover of culture & lifestyle the best in your city, simply!


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