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If there is one topic which excites me more than others, it would be my mother. If this were a school level elocution I would have made the best speech about her and went on praising her, to be the winner. I am a diplomat, when.

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If there is one topic which excites me more than others, it would be my mother. If this were a school level elocution I would have made the best speech about her and went on praising her, to be the winner. I am a diplomat, when I speak, I speak to win over the situation, which has got absolutely nothing to do with what I actually think about the topic.

You all will think that a mother is the epitome of love and care then why this kolaveri??? But let me tell u she is a lot more than that.

This is the lady I have to share my life with. Yes she is fabulous at her work. But then her work is similar to these testers at office who unnecessarily find bugs in my code. So if she is fabulous at finding bugs in me…. it directly means that I m not good at coding myself.

This person is no ordinary … she has successfully raised two kids (me included) … and believe me raising me was not an easy job. She is a career woman, working for an IT firm. But at the core of it all she is a mother and she loves it.

This person is my biggest critic. No matter what I wear, what I eat, what I cook, what I like, what I dislike. She has a opinion about everything. And this opinion has to be expressed right in the middle of your excitement. And this opinion of hers will rip your heart apart, kill all your excitement, make u wish to lock yourself up and set the whole world to fire. But this is life and none of the above mentioned wishes can be fulfilled. The best you can do is smile and take the criticism. The whole concept of taking criticism positively and improving on it sounds nothing more than mere bull shit at this point of time.

My mother reminds me of the famous poem by Sarojini Naidu, “Queens Rival”. Yes my mom is the Queen and I m her rival. But that poem was from the queen’s point of view. We poor daughters were assumed to be rivals of the great queen even when we did not even know the meaning of the word. We the rivals of her majesty should also have a poem dedicated to us, to express our opinion.

You might think that me and my mom have a lot of issues but it is not so, and i speak for every girl at my age. I have seen other mothers as well, they all speak alike, think alike and advice alike. If you are a daughter I know you are smiling from inside and want to make your mother read this too. And if you are a mother, then you would be smiling too thinking that your daughter has no issues and you are the best mother, but believe me you are all the same. If you are a chilly, you are a chilly, the degree of your hotness does not matter.

Our Hindi cinema has degraded the position of a mother in law like anything, she is supposed to be a villain (the evil vamp in the household), and has raised the position of a mother to heights unbound .My mom is a fair combination of both.

Well I also gave it a thought to find out if it was just me .. is something wrong with me ?? I have to agree that through all these years I haven’t really been able to get along with girls or females of any sort. Men on the other hand are far more simpler creatures and easy to get along with. But this mom issue of mine has got nothing to do with her being a female. Even if she was a guy (which technically is of course not possible), I would still have still the same issues.

This is the same person who consoles my sorrows, gives me the courage to move forward. She knows me in and out. Even if you lie to her she will make out in a second .This is the person who seems to be the best at times and the worst at times .You would hardly see so many colours in any other relationship. You share all your wishes. She will tell you all of hers, some which she fulfilled and some which she wishes you to fulfill. She will tell you about her first love just like a friend and then in a flash become the mom that she is and will make sure that you are not with some bike gang jerk. This is the same person who, just by looking at you can make out if it was a bad day.

You can love her or you can hate her but you simply can’t ignore her.

You have to give my mom the credit for the intricate criticism she does for my work. Every endeavor from me is reviewed again and again just to receive a positive reaction from her, but all these hopes and preparations are shattered to dust. She grades my work good and even before I have a full smile on my face, she will add her opinion on how it is not great, which it should have been. This applies for the first salary, for the first letter, for every exam answer sheet I have filled, for every dress I pick, for every dish I prepare, for any and every endeavor I take up.

But every time she made a remark on my work, it made my blood boil and I improved it. Every time she told me I was becoming fat, it killed me inside but then I took it as a challenge. Every time she found something wrong with my code, the software engineer’s ego inside me was crushed but a better program was written. Every time she told me my wardrobe wasn’t good, I got myself the best outfit I could find. Every time she disliked some dish of mine, a new and improved version was made the next time.

I think that is why mothers were made, so that they can drag you to the edge of the cliff and then push you from the edge ….just to show you that you have the potential to fly.

Yes my mom is my biggest critic but she is the sole reason that I improve.

Kudos to this person, who is the worst and the best part of my life!!!



Author — Pallavi

Disclaimer — This article is not meant to hurt or judge any mother. Just my way of expressing our relationship. Please do not try scrutinizing unnecessary details or reading between lines .
PS: Yes, Pallavi’s  mom has read it and she loved it.


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