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Movie review: Chashme baddoor

The tales of bromance and friendship seem to be the current flavour of Bollywood as we had seen in Kai Po Che and Rangrezz and Zindagi  Na Milegi Dobaara in the past. Chashme Baddoor 2013 is a remake of the classic cult film of 1981.

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The tales of bromance and friendship seem to be the current flavour of Bollywood as we had seen in Kai Po Che and Rangrezz and Zindagi  Na Milegi Dobaara in the past. Chashme Baddoor 2013 is a remake of the classic cult film of 1981 Chashme Baddoor .

Find out why this new Chashme Baddoor is worth watching!


The movie starts with three friends Siddharth Kashyap (Ali Zafar), Jai (Siddharth) and Omkar alias Omi (Divyendu Sharma) living in Goa . Omi and Jai spend much of their time womanizing and having a largely carefree existence .The decent and the shy Siddharth essayed by Ali Zafar loves the gutsy and bubbly Seema played by  Taapsee Panu.  Jai (kamina No. 1) Filmy Struggler and Omi a Shaayar (kamina No.2 ) boasts of illicit affairs with the same girl that is Seema . Siddharth is  a contrast  compared to his other two friends  as he lives his life in a simple and humble way .Their friendship is later challenged when Siddharth wins the heart of Seema, jealous of their friend’s  romantic success ,Jai and Omi pledge to break the two of them apart .These Velle friends stay  in Josephine “s ( Lilette Dubey) rented house and have the food and beverages  at Joseph’s ( Rishi Kapoor) Shack. There is a sweet romantic plot between Joseph and Josephine with few LOL moments as well .

How Siddharth wins over Seema and makes her reply to the lines “Will you hang out with me for the rest of your life with me” forms the rest of the story!!!
The music of Sajid Wajid is refreshing with songs like “ Har ek friend kameena hota hai “   Dhichkyaaon Doom Doom “” Early Morning” is catchy ,fresh and worth humming and situational mostly  .A few old songs have been incorporated which do not look forced  . I disliked this song “Andha Ghoda Race Mein Dauda”


The dialogues written by Sajid –Farhad  is the strength of the movie ,thankfully they do have the punch and the actors – particularly Siddharth and Divyendu – often make them work because of their sharp timing. The entire film, in fact, hinges purely on the chemistry of the boys and we wonder how intelligently David Dhawan has hired an enthusiastic trio of male leads who make the most of what they are provided with .

The Film has almost a similar plot as the original but there are typical David Dhawan style changes in the new avatar and its indeed very good. The witty lines the interesting incidents manage to keep the audience entertained and laughing out loud (lol) even when the film slows down in parts and gets monotonous.


Divyendu Sharma (:O) turns out to be the surprise package .One cant ignore his performance in the movie !His comic shaayari, way of presenting the dialogues given his body language clearly makes his performance worthy applause. He is sure to stay here for a long time, as they say “Lambi race ka ghoda”. Siddharth  is so natural as the filmy kameena : his dialogues do get a bit loud at times but i would say he has done justice to his character . Ali Zafar(:*:*:*) doesn’t have much to do ,out of the two other friends he has the least comic scenes to perform but still he has managed to pull it off well with a fairly sincere performance:i wish he had more substance to his character. Rishi kapoor is one of the best things about the film ; he has bought life into his character with the dialogues he cracks and with the mockery he makes out of idioms and phrases !He is supremely talented !Lilltete dubey is very cute and touches our heart with her performance!

Taapsee Panu with her glittering smile does manage to make the hindi audience smile along with her being her debut she has managed to make an impact and can fill the screen with the same brightness as Genelia Deshmukh did in the past. Bharti Achrekar could have done better do better slapping her son played by Anupam Kher who is not a surprise, he played a similar role in many of his recent films.


Some of the lines that takes your breath away (of course by laughing hard)

“Physics ka scholar hai and  u have  no physical activity “:p

 “Khade khade kya kar rahe ho aankh maro line maro “:p

   “Main kuch na karu toh muh phula leti hain aur main kuch karu toh peat (stomach) phula leti hain “

 “Agar tum safed sari mein laal bindi lagakar aa jao … toh maa kasam ambulance lagogi”

  “Early to bed early to rise makes your girlfriend go with other guys “


Overall the film is a must watch and will be especially loved by the youngsters!!!

GO!!!! YES!!!  ABHI!!!”


By– Kumari Prakriti  ( Crazy about movies)


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