12 Reasons You Should Marry an Odia Girl – A Story of Love Across Continents

I was born in Odisha but raised in Middle East. Hence the culture there was always a bit alien to me. Even though I was living in the Middle East with my parents, I wasn’t fluent in my native language. I was eventually ‘shipped’ to Orissa after.

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I was born in Odisha but raised in Middle East. Hence the culture there was always a bit alien to me. Even though I was living in the Middle East with my parents, I wasn’t fluent in my native language. I was eventually ‘shipped’ to Orissa after my 10th Grade to learn the culture up close and with the hope that I would improve in my studies. Initially, it took me a year to adapt but after that, I slowly transitioned into a regular run of the mill ‘toka’ after my 12th.

I then landed up in KIIT Bhubaneswar and after 4 years of what every typical engineering life looks like, I joined Accenture in Bangalore.

Oh wait, now begins the real story! Before all the running around for career, jobs – I met Suchismita Bhagat. To cut the long story short, we were the perfect example of love over internet. Barrage of social networks like Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 and Skype all played their role perfectly in our version of cyber love.

I always consider Soni (Suchismita Bhagat ) as the ultimate Odia girl. With the ‘Khatti’ and ‘Cuttacki attitude’ promptly embedded into her, she loves everything remotely Odisha and not one day passes by when she doesn’t long for a drive along the dusty roads of Dolmundai Chakka on her rusty scooty. One thing led to another and here we are now – happily married for almost a year and a half.

Even though none of my friends were sure about how marrying an Odia girl would turn out(due to the cultural difference) I stood by my decision.

Also along the journey, I discovered few very under-rated joys about marrying an odia girl which I would like to share:

1. Crash course into the Joys of Odia Food

a. Unlimited portions of Mutton Kassa
b. Pakhala made the right way – not the ‘crap’ they serve in over-rated restaurants
c. Guided tour of Cuttack eventually leading to PPMC (Professor Pada Mutton Chop) and Royal Biryani.
d.The joy of sitting behind your wife when she weaves in and out of traffic in her scooty just to make sure you taste the perfect chuski.
e. DAHI BARA ALOODUM – breakfast , lunch or dinner.
f. Gupchup  a.k.a Panipuri for guys who don’t get it.
g. Love fish my friend? You will get a ton of it to eat! And sea food will be delivered fresh. None of that frozen crap you get.
h. Egg Roll – nah! The real sin is a ‘double egg chicken roll’
i.  Eating is now a secondary hobby and my ever-increasing waistline is proof of the same.

2. The Awesome Mother-in-Law    

Not many are lucky to have a mother-in-law who is crazy about you and treats you better than her daughter. Sometimes goes on to the extent of forgetting her birthday but remembering yours instead.

3. The Brotherhood

Undying support of all the bhai’s your wife has accumulated over the years. These might be the rakhi brothers or even her brother who till the wedding looked at you with all the hate he could manage (I am still scared of him)

4. The Bhaina Syndrome

The procedure of calling anyone ‘bhaina’ at the drop of a hat to diffuse a particularly tense situation. May it be the policeman, the politician or even the local waiter. And it does work outside Odisha. I have tried it at Burger King. They always respond.

5. Ethnic Mania

The best of ethnic wear found at a throw away price, at places like Utkal textiles and a few others. And the Pipli hangings have been a craze with all my work colleagues and friends.

6. Odia Music

You will be introduced to Akshaya Mohanty’s music – that genius!

7. More Trivia

Odisha has a flag! YES IT DOES.

8. Swearing with Pride

Cursing in Odia is an art and I have now mastered certain aspect of it. This however, you will pick up from the minute you get down at the airport and the driver is cut off by a bicycle rider.

9. Lesser Known Tourist Places

There is a Buddhist Circuit in Odisha which is truly awesome! And this is just the beginning of a very under-rated list of places, still waiting to be explored.

10. Bribing When Necessary

The art of bribing the havaldars when required. And the liberal use of ‘bhaina’ does always help. And if you are someone younger, you can always apply for the student discount.

11. The Riverside Charm

The beautiful Ring road at Cuttack. It has a certain riverside charm. Can’t be explained till experienced.

12. The Value Conscious

Bargaining for everything. You will learn it from your wife predominantly and it does help when your wife has an MBA in finance.

This list is endless but let me wind up by saying that even though I dated various girls, I don’t know what dragged me back to finding the love of my life in an Odia Girl. Maybe it’s the extra dose of love which an Odia girl can shower upon you or maybe it’s just that Odisha holds a deeper meaning in every Odia’s life. Whatever be the reason, we are just glad – it happened!

 Marry an Odia girl.You cant imagine the new life you will be introduced to.

[Contributed By : Subhayou Nayak]

Subhayou is now in Kuwait and still wonders why is he stuck in the God-Forsaken-Desert. He describes himself as a 28-year-old ‘Khaanti’ Odia who loves reading and writing. The post written above is certainly very personal and we are grateful that he decided to share such an important aspect of his life with us.

All the readers are requested to refrain from commenting on the writers personal life. Any derogatory comments will not be entertained.

We wish him and Soni a very happy life ahead.


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  • Awesome Soni bhabi… Jojo bhai…
    jst loved it
    all the time while reading my facial expression was like 😀

  • Subhajyoti Parida

    odia jouthi rahile b “ODIA”…
    proud to be an khaanti odia toka 🙂

    • Mr. Parida – Absolutely True !!

  • super like! (the oriya translation – KASSSA!!) 😀

  • awesome dude ……very good one
    I will definitely marry an oriya girl 🙂

  • Ananya

    Lovely 🙂

  • Navin Gupta

    Good to hear. But sometimes Marriage is destined.

  • Shruti

    What a delightful read this story makes! 🙂 Loved every bit of it! Tons and tons of good wishes to the author. May the insane affair with his better half and Odisha get better with time 🙂

    • Thanks a ton Shruti !!:) I will definitely pass on the message !!:)

  • Azkia Arif

    Any advantage of getting married to an Oriya guy…??

    • Oh !! Tons of them my friend !!:)

  • Amit Ku Dash

    Super article “bhaina” .. 🙂 romance is still fresh in all the lines.. both for odisha and odia wife .. wish both of you a wonderful life ahead.. cheers!! 🙂

  • Saswat Acharya

    Good work JoJo.. Very well written 🙂

    • Mr.Acharya !!:) Thanks a ton !!:P you know most of the story anyways !!!:)

  • Nishant panda

    DUDE, i get it now.. simply saying u r a “blessed person by god ” 🙂 these days its so damn hard to find a nice girl. but yes as of all the point about odisha and odiya people you mentioned i “agree completely” 🙂
    wish you a great and successful life ahead !!
    sayonara …

    • Thanks a ton my friend !!:) Appreciated !!:)

  • lucky dude… JoJo, very well written

    • Thanks a ton Ajit !!:) Cheers !!

  • Ratan Tarafdar

    I just wanted to tell you that “YOU ARE BLESSED” by the creator of this beautiful creation.

  • Perfect! <3

  • Bikash Sahoo

    Cool Stuff !! It was a real surprise JOJO…after all the tense days at KIIT . ;). And btw, congrats to you and soni.

  • how a relationship transformed into a marriage and how u are enjoying its RIGHT effects.lovely story!! @nishant panda- it is not so hard to find a good and nice girl,it is just they don’t suit to your requirement sometimes!!!!!!

  • Samyak Rout

    Yooo Bro JOJO bhai thts a fab story and I do knw ur love sory njy u both and be happy alwys love yu both….missiing u too

  • racheeta

    while going through it, i was filled with utmost excitement…i loved the way it has been written.

  • Abc

    JOJO “joojoo’ BHAIYA…. ur simply too awesome…miss those old hostel days..those 1st drags on hostel roof..those insane party nights guided by ur insane-ously mixed wild party tracks…in short a perfect engineering with d most perfect lot of ‘seniors’..god bless both of u…be happy..u rock m/m/

  • Anand

    Really Missing Cuttack Very Much….

    • All of us Anand !!:) Cant wait to be back for vacations !!:)

  • guest

    Weak post .

    • Thanks 🙂

      • guest

        I said “weak post”. You are welcome though 🙂

  • interesting!!!!

    • Thanks Devasis !! Would definitely love to meet this time around in Orissa !! Soni talks very highly of you !!:)

  • Hmm.. This blog was eventually posted on my wall by a friend, who spent a part of his life at Odisha, due to his father’s job. The most of all, he likes about Odisha is Chaena Poda (An Odisha sweet). Anyways, i loved th epost like anything. It describes Odisha and not to forget Oriya girl so beautifully that the beauty of the same can be cherished whole life.

    I am a bachelor but would soon be married to THE oriya girl. 🙂

    Cheers Sonu & Subhayou Nayak. God Bless you.

    • Damn it !! Missed out on Chena Poda !!:) But i have managed a very awesome way to get it shipped to me every 2 to3 months !!;) Thanks for the good wishes Mr. Panda !!:)

      • Yup you missed it, but its the part of story now, written just outside the script but very closed to it. 🙂

  • Coolshephy

    Awesum 🙂

  • Vish

    cool..awsum description of odisha nd odiya gal…..best of luck 4 ur future…….sweet couple nd a sweet love story 🙂

    • Thanks a ton for the kind wishes !!:)

  • Delightful post !
    We should have more personal experiences like this of Oriya people on the net whom we can identify with.

    • Thanks for the kind words Samir !!:) And i completely agree with you.

  • Khushboo

    gud one all the best..:)

  • Samaresh biswal

    awesome . nicely u have penned the words

  • Lopa

    20years in Cuttack and I can relate so much! 🙂 wonderful post!

    • Just a couple of years and i thank you very much !!! 🙂

  • Babi Pati

    Odisha is Odisha…… I can’t leave Odisha……I can get every thing outside but the food……..No…..U can’t get the food better……..!!!!!

  • Mother-In-Law who is crazy about you and treats you better than her daughter going to extent of forgetting her birthday but remembering yours instead.

    3) Undying support of all the “bhai’s” your wife has accumulated over the years. These might be the “rakhi” brothers or even her brother who till the wedding looked at you with all the hate he could manage. (I am still scared of him )

    I loved these two sentence.

  • Saket Patnaik

    Orissa / Odisha however you spell it , It’s certainly heaven on Earth.

  • Seshaacharya

    ghuri asili mu saara duniya—khoji khoji nija paiin kania—na dekhili to thu kie badhiya—jhia odiya,jhia odia
    sabu ade bhara laaja saraama—–to kathare aha kete maraama—mijaaja ta tike sina garama—hele hrudaya tora naraama—bira jaati jhia tike ladhua—jhia odiya,jhia odiya

  • Patra

    dude whatever..you are a freaking foodie..thats it (pun)

    • True Brother !!:) I completly agree with you !!:)

  • Ravikumar Jsr

    Too good Dude…Keep it up!!

  • Maruti Mohanty

    Great one… Well written but as a Bhubaneswar “TOKA”, i extremely missed BBSR in ur writing… I bet u might have a great experience with BBSR too.

    • Hmmm ….. I will definitely keep this in mind next time i write something ….or better yet i will definitely let you know when i write about Bhubaneshwar !! Thanks !!:)

  • Adyasakti

    Thanks for blogging this… I can share this .. people will get a brighter picture of Odisha….
    Atleast now its better.. They get some idea about Odisha.. Bhubaneswar cuttuck.. Before Odisha means a place of poor farmers, Fisherman and tribals..(The song ‘Mile Shur Mera Tumhara’ highlights that fact even more)
    So posting such blogs will help other to know Odsha and respect odias more.. Thanks Again..
    A Hi-Fi to you both.

  • Wikkedsubhan


    • Yup !! I thought the same !!!:)

  • Sujata Patnaik

    very well written and straight from the heart!

  • Aditya Sahu

    I just shared ur story in FB. Lovely. Yes, our “ODIA-NESS” should take over us. Still Odisha is a unknown name elsewhere.

  • Amazing one .. 🙂

    Stay blessed, both of you!

  • so sweet .. quite true these are sum facts abt oriya girls.. seriously loved it 🙂

    • akshaya

      hi am akshaya i live bbsr . just work in account in hi-tech please share me your view

  • so sweet .. quite true these are sum facts abt oriya girls.. seriously loved it 🙂

  • so sweet……:):) i loved the description of cuttack..perfeccccccccccttttttt

  • awsum so nice….It reminds me so much of orissa,proud to be an oriya.The bali jatra,durga puja,the list goes on and on.

    • Ya …are you sure about this … conforntation never so easy

  • Being an Odia is like being “Badhia”…loved it…

  • Tume Duinkara Bibahita Jibana Sukhamaya Heu…All the best wishes…

  • Being an Odia is like being “Badhia”…loved it…

  • khyati

    wow gr8 bro….may God bless u both……

  • Ranjan Nayak

    what an article yaar, u made my day with this one…

  • xxx

    In bhubaneswar And cuttack girls call a boy “bhai” and later fall in love with them idiots.

  • @639e0f6a1b0c4cb36cb480b374fdfe4b:disqus Loved the way you and bhauja met. And to meet the criteria of your conditions of marrying an Odia girl I would rather rely on my parents.

    Chua manaka maana bahut chanchala.Bapa maa mane khojile theek khojibe. Well, this criteria holds good till the point I don’t find a Odia girl myself.

    Anyways,wishing you a happy and long marriage life with lots of good health for you and your family.

    P.S: Hope you did reduce your waist line.. 🙂

  • Manjukesh Tripathy

    Excellent article. I have the privilege of having married an Oriya girl and I would bet my luck on every word written out there. However, I don’t have an ever increasing waistline. Jokes apart, it’s an opportunity for people like us to bring together our experiences, ideas and ideologies. I came to KWI exactly one month ago and I have met more than ten Oriyas. I super – hope to see and meet some more of our own people. Jai Odisha.

  • Ramya Sandip

    I loved the article especially when u described about Cuttack. I am also from Cuttack so really loved it

    • Shreeja D

      I love Cuttack and specially the food.

  • true indian

    Laughed so much with your point 8.
    Very much true. You get to learn ‘Bhaasa’ within the minutes you enter Odisha…Lived in Cuttack for 6 years…both good and bad days gave me so much experiences..

  • Madhaba

    Very nice article and so nice glimpse of Cuttack and BBSR. But my dear fellow, to enjoy all the points you mentioned you don’t have to marry a Oriya girl. You can be single and still enjoy!!! 😋😋😋

    • Smarajit Nayak

      Yeahhhhh u r correct, one will njoy more without marrying an odia girl.

  • Amulya Sen

    very nice explanations proud to be odia.

  • Amresh Mishra

    “7. More Trivia

    Odisha has a flag! YES IT DOES.”

    What flag is it ? Do we have any image of it ?

  • Shreeja D


  • sp1982

    my cuttack experience was horrible… i went to the famous DahiVad-aloodum near stadium ..and the place was so nasty…so unhygenic..even experienced pungent smell during the river side ride…Lets b honest

    • Chandan Das

      hi – the dahibara aludam near the stadium is not the original Cuttacki one – they are mostly outsiders and dont make proper ones. The real good ones are Raghu ( CDA road only at 5pm), Trinath( in front of Christ college), Bhagi ( Ramadevi college)

  • Vighnesh Rudra Das

    Very nice article..great that you mentioned the double egg chicken roll and maangsha kasa….man they rock..
    I hope you did get to try our sweets …

    Would like to know about the flag though!!

    All the best to you both in your journey together!!

  • s mishra

    Hi Subhayou.liked your story.if you don’t mind I have a curiosity.looks like you both are odia.then why your story name is 12 Reasons You Should Marry an Odia Girl? Should be like – 12 Reasons You Should stick to your origin?

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