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An Epic Rant Against Everyone Who Needs to Brush Up Their IQ About Odisha!


My special friend is allergic to potatoes. As appealing as he finds the taste, his body revolts violently to even a teeny-weeny morsel of the.

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Why a Travel Tech Company Launched It’s Product in The Wild?


The American poet Ralph Emerson once said: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”.

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We Caught Up With Odisha’s Dancing Cop to Discuss Life, Beyond Fame and Duty!


Portraits From The Street – Bhubaneswar: Benudhara Sahu: The MJ of Cops! A hot, sultry afternoon and I’m returning home after errands, and I see one.

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Budhia Singh – Born To Run: An ode to Biranchi Sir


“Patriotism is the last refugee of a scoundrel,” said Samuel Johnson, the famous English writer, in the 18th century. At different times, patriotism has been.

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A Group of Cyclists From Rourkela are ‘Gearing’ Up To Represent India at a Renowned Cycling Event in Paris – Know All About Them Here!


When it comes to physical fitness we have tried it all. The most expensive gym memberships, the painful push-ups and pull-ups, the sweaty squats and.

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Portraits From The Street: What a Simple Tea Stall Owner Can Teach You a Thing or Two About Life


Portraits From The Street: Bhubaneswar – The Story of Anna Bhaina Prakash Subuddhi, or ‘Anna Bhaina’ as he is affectionately known by the myriad denizens of.

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The Curse of Being an Adivasi Child in Odisha


In India there are 11.5 million Adivasi children under five years of age. More than half (54%) of these children under five years of age.

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Art & Culture

In This Tiny Odisha Village, Everyone From Women To Children Is An Artist


Can you imagine a place where every household is involved in creating only exquisite arts and crafts? Be it the oldest member of the family.

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Move Over, Bengal! Here are 5 Reasons Why Rasagola Belongs to Odisha Alone


Twitter is buzzing with #RasagolaDibasa and why not! With plethora of ‘days’ which get celebrated, its apt to keep a day reserved for the ‘King of all sweets’.

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The Rise of New Age Poets in Bhubaneswar & They Use More Than Just Words!


Do you have words? Do your eyes know how to express the grand epiphanies of life, a subtle smirk that mocks authority, a smile that reflects.

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