7 Awesome Things only XIMB Students Can Relate To

You know you are a XIMBian when: Its 2 am at night. You are working on a presentation/ assignment with some of your friends, you are exhausted, you put your laptop on sleep mode and head for the night mess. Thanks to the mess bhainas.

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You know you are a XIMBian when:

Its 2 am at night. You are working on a presentation/ assignment with some of your friends, you are exhausted, you put your laptop on sleep mode and head for the night mess. Thanks to the mess bhainas who stir up a bowl of Maggi in 2 minutes, you feel all your dizziness vanish away doing bakar with your friends.

1. The Early wake-up Alarm – ‘Bhainas’ of XIMB

A usual routine in XIMB starts with students running for the class in pseudo-sleep mode to make it in time (especially if it’s a strict professor) whilst grabbing a sandwich from mess in order to do justice to the growling stomach. Normally, there is a half an hour break between two consecutive classes and this is the time when there is maximum rush at X-Café. A one stop solution for all your gastronomic desires within the campus. Its menu boasts of diverse items from breakfast/snack to starters to proper lunch and dinner dishes that appeal to your taste buds. You can also chill out with a cup of coffee or tea and engage in long ‘khattis’ with your friends. In addition to that, it has also got a convenience store attached to it, wherein you can buy your day-to-day essentials.

1975262_652278991500594_318821695_n.jpg - abhijeet rout

One of the things that would amaze you is the ability of the X-cafe ‘bhainas’ to recognize each student with his or her roll number and note their credit orders against it quite efficiently, amidst the vast multitude of orders (so no bluffing remember :P).

2. Two and a Bud 

Also another favourite place to chill out in the campus is, Two and a Bud-a small food and beverage outlet started by the college alumnus. Along with the myriad varieties of tea it serves, you can also sit back and enjoy the pakoras, toasts, sandwiches etc it offers. So tea lovers or not, it’s a wonderful place where you can sit with your friends or witness a jamming session or probably a game discussion. The USP of this place is its cozy ambience, decorations and the cheerful get-togethers. The place delivers all the right ‘feels’

3. Jitu Dukaan – The Walmart of XIMB

Talking of places, there is this place though not within the campus, but feels very much like a part of the campus, Jitu Dukaan: XIMB’s very own Walmart! Yes it confers to the concept of everything under one roof. You name the thing and he has it. Situated just in front of the campus, very often it also serves as a favourite hangout spot.

4. X-Walks

They say XIMB never sleeps! Usually a B-school curriculum requires you to stay awake late at night. And when you are not working, you can always take these late night strolls in the campus trademarked as X-Walks.

rout ji
Believe it or not these X-Walks are one of its kind and give you a nice feeling. A lot may not happen over a cup of coffee, but a lot definitely can happen on these legendary X-walks.

5. The JLTs

JLTs (Just Like That’s) are XIMB’s well-kept secret. Or maybe not. Parties here do not start before 12 AM.

tanvi randhar

Credits: Tanvi Randhar

There is no JLT punch that is served. JLT punch is not an assortment all the sinful liquor available at the nearest off-shop. There is no DJ playing the best mixes off the charts and a JLT does not end with people swooning the Duck-Tales theme song. That’s also because JLTs do not exist. We do not know what it is. ’nuff said.

6. The Alum Connection

The bond which XIMB students and the college shares with it’s alum is something unique to XIMB. Very few colleges have been able to maintain the relationship of students/professors and alum within its DNA. The Alums are always there to help and support whenever and wherever required. Students have greatly benefited from the advice and interactions with the alum network. Here’s to a tradition, that hopefully will never fade away.

7. The Nostalgia

Words fall short when you try to describe the two years you experience here. It’s all like a roller coaster ride, you experience your highest highs and lowest lows, you laugh, you cry. In all this, you end up creating some priceless memories and some of your best friends.

ximb courtesy

Every Year, a batch graduates in black robes, hands happily clutching their degrees, waiting to explore endless possibilities which await.

Amidst the 2 years of assignments, student committees, internships and JLTs, life’s what happens at XIMB.

[Contributed By Samapika Draghima & Photos by Abhijeet Rout from XIMB. Also the awesome doodle you see is by Tanvi Randhar. You can see more of her work here]


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