5 Reasons to begin your Start-Up in Bhubaneswar

For me it’s a childhood dream that has come true. Every day we come to work and all that we do is live and breathe movies. It’s like winning a trophy in school for watching television! How cool is that? We have converted our passion.

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For me it’s a childhood dream that has come true. Every day we come to work and all that we do is live and breathe movies. It’s like winning a trophy in school for watching television! How cool is that?

We have converted our passion to our occupation and are on a path to build a great technology product in It’s all about sharing our passion of movies with others.

The thing that is most awesome is that we are doing it from our home town, Bhubaneswar. After spending significant parts of professional life in Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur, Bhubaneswar may not seem like a natural choice, but believe me it’s got a great advantage and is a smart choice.

When we designed the product and were ready to roll it out, it was apparent that is a product for, by and of Indian movie lovers. We had to do it in India,  building something in the Valley and shipping it over here just won’t work as the  cultures and tastes are different. Also from the initial rushes we had a hunch that it  would be big, we knew that our success or failure at putting together a team with high  intellectual capital and culture will make or break the product.

Why not Other Cities ?


With that understanding we started looking for possible places where what we dream is possible, obviously starting with the so-called silicon valley of India Bengaluru. And we tried to pull up every piece of industry statistics we could lay our hands upon, talked to fellow entrepreneurs and there was a big red flag at the attrition rates being very high and it is normal for people to change jobs every six months. It is impossible to build a great team while constantly churning people out, because everyone needs space and time to grow and no one gets that if the shifts happen too fast too quickly.


Our product was all about movies, the heart of all the action Mumbai was the next choice for us. Mumbai has its advantages, being the commercial capital of India houses some of the greatest companies in India. But on contrary to others we are a technology company, what we do takes a lot of thinking and creativity and fatigue is our biggest enemy. And if someone is not a superhuman an hour’s journey on a local train will drain a significant amount of your morning burst of energy and then turning up to work to do hard-core technical stuff like text tokenization and sentiment analysis is not a nice experience in itself.

Other IT Hubs

Pune and Noida were two other choices but they lack a good supply of technology talent.

And then out of nowhere, I read a tweet from one of my friends who is a professor in one engineering college in Bhubaneswar. Though I would keep the exact content of the tweet confidential, he was basically ranting about the large number of new engineering colleges opening in Bhubaneswar. That was a “AHA” moment for us.

Five Reasons to Choose Bhubaneswar for your Start-Up:

  • A little bit of online research gave us the fact that Bhubaneswar is one of the few places in India with a high per capita technology education and with the advancement in fiber connectivity,  it’s got very good bandwidth to all important hubs.
  • It is a beautiful place with all its beauty compacted into 25 kms radius so commuting from any point to another takes a max of 30 minutes, low average cost of living.
  •  The icing on the cake was exotic satellites like Puri, Konark, and Chilika where someone can enjoy a nice weekend out of all hustle and bustle.

(Being somewhat of a abominable sexist, I would say it’s a little bit of a down story on the Chicks front. But if you are smart and hardworking, chicks don’t like you anyways. So get over it!) 

  • Apart from all the advantages,the nostalgia of setting up a global product company in our supposedly own backyard, brought us over here.
  • I am sure I am not the only one to have spotted these advantages. There are many companies for whom Bhubaneswar is big in their roadmaps. With all these advantages it is very much possible that Bhubaneswar could be in the cusp of exploding into a breeding ground for global scale technology companies.

It has got all the advantages.What it needs is a entrepreneurial community which people like us will build overtime because we are super supportive of new technology entrepreneurs and want them to make Bhubaneswar their home.

I believe bright people make friendships with other bright people, and who is brighter than an entrepreneur who working from his/her garage in wretched of the conditions and believes to rule the world someday.

– Sanjib Parida

The author is an Odia entrepreneur based out of Silicon Valley, CA and the founder of, India’s first and largest movie database.
You can write to him/ drop in a line/ say a hi! on his email.


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  • Dina

    Hi Sanjib,
    Its really inspiring to know that people like you have selected Bhubanewar for a startup and have counted on the advantages …..
    I am sure it is time Odisha has come up from the complaining attitude to a situation of DO IT …LIVE IT and be the CHANGE LEADER.
    All The very best for you entreprenuial Journey.
    Dina Krishna Mishra

  • Sanjib Sir I am inspired by your article and now know how entrepreneurs work initially, what their strategies are like. Moreover the Quotes at the end was motivating. I live in Bhubaneswar and am going to write you a mail NOW to thank you for this. Also for those who dont know or underestimate Orissa it is for them to see how BIG cities like Mumbai,NOIDA,Bangalore no more caters to corporates as they are saturated. My hearty wishes for your new Venture.

  • Viplav Santuka

    Hi Mr. Sanjib,
    It was really a good reading experience. After completing my masters in Business Entrepreneurship from gujarat, i always have this feeling ‘wud i b finding the same enthu n passion fr entrepreneurship n creation in my own state of Odisha?’ and after reading this article of yours i think ‘its only that u have to wait till you find them’. Entrepreneurial spirit gives birth to lots of creation, may it b small or large, Creation is a creation. And its not just confined to big industrialist or mine-owners when it comes to Odisha. Odisha and India has to see the hidden spirit in the youth of Odisha. Jai Hind

  • Guest

    you might have provided some chicks photos to inspire…

  • Chitta Baral
  • Great read. I too run a startup here in Silicon Valley, CA. And as a matter of fact, was in Bhubaneswar just 10days ago. I saw the changes, the upcoming city. Talked to few of my entrepreneur friends who run the show from Bhubaneswar too. Also had a chance to go to Bangalore for possibility of starting an office there. Your article certainly made me think. I am from Bhubaneswar too, and would be proud to actually hire locally and grow there. Thank you for planting the seed of thought.

  • Sdvc

    i recently moved to the city for a new assignment with my company, and if you have an ear for a frank opinion, the people are lazy and unmotivated, there is no nightlife (what the heck, there are no multiplexes), shopping options are limited, and or, crowded, rent and real estate are unreasonably expensive and most part of the city is filthy. Compared to chandigarh or gandhinagar (the other planned cities, Bhubaneswar is a disappointment)

    • Manas R Kar

      If you call a state full of people contributing to one of the fastest GSDP growths in the country lazy, be my guest. And yes, there is no perfect city, there are just trade-offs. Mumbai and Kolkata have a great night life, but we can’t match them in filth ! Sorry Sir !!

  • Sam

    Aha. I too agree with the writer about the values, Bhubaneswar throw at an entrepreneur. Like any other cities in India, it also has got a series of problems. Specially the startup ecosystem, where there is a long way to go in order to catch up with the entrepreneurship culture. However the vibrance and the culture of the city binds like no other. Even in the product space, there are a lot of things to catch. No mention of the numerous techniacal institutions & the engineering talents. I am proud to be back to the city & starting my venture.

  • ashish

    Do not agree with the author… This is a simple personal view.

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