#Xpressions 2013 – Eastern India’s Biggest B-School Fest [Events List]

 Xpressions is the annual B-School fest organized by the student community of XIMB, in their endeavor to foster interactions with the corporate world and other B-Schools. Now in it’s 15th edition, Xpressions gets bigger and better each  year and happens to be one of the.

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 Xpressions is the annual B-School fest organized by the student community of XIMB, in their endeavor to foster interactions with the corporate world and other B-Schools. Now in it’s 15th edition, Xpressions gets bigger and better each  year and happens to be one of the biggest fests in Eastern India.

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This year Xpressions will be conducted from 8th to 10th of November 2013 and here is a quick list of all the major happenings in this 3-day extravaganza.

  • Gladiator is a real world business simulation game that requires a mind that is as lively and quick as lightening. Best of brains from across the nation fight it out to claim the title of a GLADIATOR. It is one of the flagship events of Xpressions. It was a raw power born only five years back but has managed to set itself apart from any other business simulation game in terms of the grit and passion required to conquer it. Participants from premier B- schools like IIMs, XLRI, IIFT and MDI take part in this mega event.
  • Skill City is a melange of creative games, each trickier than the next, which compels you to take logical reasoning and analytical thinking to the next level. There are no set patterns. No set formats, no winning strategy. It’s just you and your common sense.
  • Kurukshetra is one of the toughest business simulation games in the country and the flagship event of Xpressions. The game tests contestants on their ability to understand the complexities of a business case and make cross functional decisions that impact the profitability of a virtual company. Participants must effectively use their business acumen, academic knowledge, analytical ability and, often, just gut instinct to outwit their opponents to make their virtual business the most successful.

But the game is not just about virtual businesses. In the second round, contestants are thrust out into the real world of markets, customers and business owners. They have to use spontaneous thinking and people skills to outmaneuver opponents in the grit and grime of a real market.

  • Helios is a game designed for students who are studying in undergraduate colleges. The objective of this game is to give them a glimpse of MBA education and also to help them in making the right decision in future. This game helps in increasing the engagement between students from the undergraduate colleges and XIMB. It also aids to the word of mouth publicity of our annual festival and of our college. HELIOS consists of following modules:- Marketing, Finance, Operations and HR that comprise the basic functions of the game.
  • Spardha is a social entrepreneurship competition, introduced by RMAX (Rural Managers’ Association of XIMB) during “Xpressions” (the Annual Festival of XIMB) in 2008. The concept of Spardha marks a paradigm shift from competition to collaboration-which RMAX believes is the way ahead.

There are other biz events like Trade wars, Nirnay, Case in point, Constrat, M Power et al. And oh BTW, did we mention that there is a cloud computing hackathon as well? Enter XAPPZ – The enterprise e-Mobility app Competition.

Topping all of these are the much celebrated cultural events like Thirkan, Nukkad Natak, Goonj, Aalaap, and many more... or the complete list of cultural events please click here

Thirkan 2013 is group dance competition which will sweep you off your feet and where the best dance teams in the country battle out to glory whereas Nukkad is the street-play exhibition/ competition where plays based on social and contemporary issues will be showcased.

Headliners : Carnival De Vogue / Decibelz / Celeblitz

Lights.Camera. Fashion!! Shorts, Skirts, Haute Couture, High Heels and lots of oomph; that’s Carnival De Vogue for you!

Decibelz  is the loudest rock off in the east with bands battling out their mettle to walk away with grand prize money. With participation from more than 50 colleges from all over the country, covering rifts by the Titans of Rock, it is a war, war to be the best, best of the bands. So tune up those guitars, bring out the amplifiers and drums because the stage is set!

Celeblitz is the star night of Xpressions. Organized on the last day of the fest, Celeblitz offers participants a chance to unwind, sit back, and soak in the XIMB spirit.

The previous edition saw Salim-Sulaiman hold an audience of more than 7000 people spellbound with some of his best numbers. Come 10th of November, you shall witness Arijit Singh enchant the audience with his mesmerizing voice.

Glimpses from Xpressions 2011/ 2012.

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For more details and schedules: Click Here

[Disclaimer: The Broken Scooter is the Official Magazine Partner for Xpressions 2013, XIMB’s annual festival do.]


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