Marriage is a bliss– Is it?

In a recent survey conducted on women working in the IT sector many shocking revelations were made. This information is trivial and can be used for a lifetime of happiness. I have tried assembling them here. Hope it does the survey candidates some justice.  .

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In a recent survey conducted on women working in the IT sector many shocking revelations were made. This information is trivial and can be used for a lifetime of happiness. I have tried assembling them here. Hope it does the survey candidates some justice.


When asked what are you looking for in a life partner they answered :

Sense of humor: Women wanted partners who understand and appreciate their sense of humor. “I do not want a joker but a good laugh can solve all problems” .

A Car: We do not travel by public transport . “Yes he has to drop me at work and pick me up everyday ” said a very enthusiastic candidate. While another went on to say ,“I don’t mind sharing the car loan, but we have to own one”.

Space to grow : There should be the right space between a couple , not too much that they fall apart but enough to take a break in a while .

Not Boring: To a women , an evening watching cricket/soccer/basketball/F1 is boring . A Women needs to go out and party. We like reading a book but then we don’t want to shun the society either .There has to be a balance .

Heels and height : All women love heels. So, the man has to have an additional height of 5 inches more than his women, which allows the women to comfortably wear heels.

Restrictions on clothes: “No way”  “Non negotiable”

Nagging: Women wanted Nagging to remain strict one way and said that no matter how much they nag, men should remain men and not get back to them.

They also wanted to lay down a ground rule of only having to spend a maximum of 2 weeks a year with either set of parents.

“I can’t make Dal like your mom, but I can make a good life partner ”, said a young lady when asked how she would deal with if her cooking was compared to her mother-in-laws .

“Don’t expect me to follow instructions, take my opinion into account “, said a married lady before barging out of the survey area.

All these women are financially independent and so we asked them as to how they want the financial arrangement to be, between them and their partners. The answer was straight

“My money is my money, your money is our money.”

Parenting: On being asked about their plans about kids, Women replied “My kids my decision” including a statement to the mother in law “Don’t teach me how to raise my kids, I m already working on improving yours.”

On a question that asked about cooking and household chores. Women replied

“Yes, I love cooking, I don’t mind cooking if I have a little appreciation and help from him”

“No, cooking is a job, and I’ll see to it that it’s done, but don’t expect me to cook, I might give a special appearance at the kitchen once in a while”
“I would like to have help while attending to household chores.

On being asked about moving out of the country, women enthusiastically said that only if they get paid the same or more salary in the new country. One of the participant said “I had to leave the job because of my husband, so he should either find me a new one or pay me my salary anyways”

Honeymoon destinations: On being asked about the honeymoon/holiday destinations a salwar clad, long haired modest female replied “Not in Ooty or Goa”, while another said “Not in India ”.

“Be my friend but treat me as a lady”

“I have critics all around, you just be a friend”

Prenups: Prenups becoming the new trend we asked women did they want a prenup agreement they replied

“No prenup for me ”

 “Very essential”

Women wanted to add a point saying Fictional characters such as Christian Grey, Robert Kincaid, Edward Lewis hold a special position. Do not interfere.

Drinking: On being asked about drinking, Women said “If you don’t drink, at least give me company and eat chips ” , another one said “I don’t drink , I won’t mind if he does it in control” a third candidate went on to say “If you drink like a fish better stay in the pond.”

“Sleeping hours are non negotiable”

Extra Marital affair: On extra marital affairs a lady said “If you know how to keep a secret , I don’t care about your indulgences” , we were shocked by the first reaction , but then another candidate went on to say “If you don’t keep me happy , I am having an extra marital affair , Live with it .”

 “I am the most beautiful lady in the world. No argument”

“Don’t assume anything”


“Single trips with friends are essential, U can go with your friends and I WILL go with mine”


Hygiene: Women wanted to add a point saying that basic cleanliness is very essential

“There is a reason I did not marry a pig”

“Snacks are for humans not for the sofa”

“It’s either me or the dandruff, take your pick” 

“If you have lizards in the house, I m not staying in the same house” , “No lizards ,no snakes , no reptiles of any sort, no jokes or pranks involving lizards (or any reptile), d fear did not go in the last 23 yrs , will not go away by making hideous pranks ”

Style and accessories – “I decide how to accessorize, and yes nail colors can be blue and black” .

“Will he go bald if I ask him to??? then why does he want to change my nail color ”

Some women wanted their partners opinion in clothing, ”I will like it if he picks some clothes for me ”,”I hate it when they act as if they can’t make out the difference in clothing, How can you not differentiate pink and lavender ??”.

On being asked about home decor they said , “It’s a lady’s house not a man’s , you can have the study ”. 

Finally, Perfect life partner: On being asked how they would manage to find the perfect life partner, a women said “I’ll judge him by the way he treats other people in a crowd, I know I will become a part of the crowd after the initial bliss period”

“I will ask him what he wants to change in me, then I can judge him by his answer”

“Are your parents, my parents but my parent, just your in-laws??”

“Are your friends my friends but my friends, your foes??”


On a question that asked about anything else they wanted to add to their requirements, They added

“Surprises are always expected!!! ”

“A late night walk or a ice cream treat are most welcome.” 

Hope these women find what they are looking for and as for men May God help you guys !


Author: Pallavi Bandada

Image Courtesy:

Sketch by : Abel Adams



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