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Ranbir Kapoor says he can give his life for Katrina – Headlines or Media Farce !!!

  Oh here’s another one, with a reporter stuffing his mic into someone’s face only to ask – ‘aap ki g**nd phaat gayi….aap ko kaisa lag raha hai ?’  (you got your ass does it feel ??) Did you open this up because the.

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Oh here’s another one, with a reporter stuffing his mic into someone’s face only to ask – ‘aap ki g**nd phaat gayi….aap ko kaisa lag raha hai ?’  (you got your ass does it feel ??)

Did you open this up because the title got you interested ? Sorry….I just flipped the channel. Don’t know what happened to Ranbir or Katrina. But I am sure somewhere again I will come across that piece of news and so will you, meanwhile life will go on and their movies will keep releasing. Not to worry.

Ofcourse, I couldn’t care less !!!

Tired of this kind of mundane news flash I decided to watch some music videos. Have you seen the ‘Exotic’ video released by Priyanka Chopra ? It features her, singing along with the international rapper Pitbull. The song is about how a ‘desi girl’ has found love. And I am assuming that you must have noticed the bikini, the neon colours, wearing heels into the pool (how insane) and the sparkling skin colour outfit ? So was it the music or the fashion disaster that became the dinner table discussion? I am guessing it was the debate over her clothes that stole the thunder.

In a country crawling with scams and corruption, Priyanka Chopra’s fashion misadventure has been the cause of great concern to people. There are more Facebook posts and tweets about it than about the future of this country. This has angered me enough to spend some valuable moments of my life writing about what I think has gone wrong with this country. Sad, here, I thought that my generation was all geared up and charged about bringing forth change and revolution, only to be defeated by news of the kinds about how a celebrity wore the wrong clothes. I find it exasperating when people find such joy in discussing such trivial matters. More so when often one needs to point out to others that this is indeed a TRIVIAL MATTER, can we please stop creating such hype !!!

Really what is wrong with us ? How can a fashion news be more important than the current state of affairs of this country. Surely, we ought to know that a fashion disaster would not affect our future and life. Should we not be more interested and informed about the state policies and politics as it directly influences our quality of life ? How could we side track from issues of corruption, national security, unemployment, malnutrition, assault on women and so much more ( I could go on and on) and let any rubbish related to ‘star celebrities’ become national headlines ? Be it a Salman Khan, or a Shahrukh Khan or a Priyanka Chopra. How has a nation with a total population of 1.27 billion, with 74 % literacy, be so consumed with such inconsequential things ?

I have realized that as a nation our attention span is very short. The younger generation, that I was cheering for, is easily distracted and restless. It moves at a very fast pace and reacts in a similar fashion and attitude towards it’s relationships, towards other important issues in life. Towards everything. There is a certain amount of unsteadiness, fluctuation and the quality of impermanence to the way they approach things and it can be dangerous if left unnoticed. There is so much energy and potential in the youth that if channelized it can be instrumental in constructing and building this nation and in the process a better future for all. But sadly, this potential is not being utilized, leaving the youth increasingly unsatisfied and disappointed. Dissatisfied youth with no employment or future prospects can led to situations of extreme anarchy. In Germany, during the times of Weimar Republic (1919-1930), poor economic conditions, unemplyment and a restless young population allowed  even an extreme ideology like Nazism to get a foothold-eventually leading to II world war. “Desperate situations lead to extreme reactions.” We have taken our independence for granted and are increasingly doing so. I hope it is not too late.

Our young generation is torn  between wanting to decide for itself yet unsure about how to exerise it’s rights. Wanting to be individuals yet doomed by the curse of following the crowd. You see, as a nation we all suffer from the age old phenomena of social conformity. I understand that social conformity is essential to avoid ostracism and to be socially accepted but does that mean to give up on our right to question and the freedom of thought ? If we surrender our right to question, to be curious, to be different, to demand answers, to think for our self and to ask for accountability then what good is it to be a Man with the gift of intellect? Can we not see that the walls are closing in on us from all sides as we try to reason? Surely, we must know that we have allowed ourselves to become mere puppets at the hands of media and social pressures.

The danger I speak of is the fact that we have allowed others, such as the media, to do the thinking for us and we have happily taken the back seat. So we are ok with the fact that they highlight a trivial issue over a matter of national importance and we readily play along by embracing these issues as important. Our ground level journalism is making news out of every trash. The media is paid to highlight and present certain issues only to benefit certain groups of people. It no longer reports facts and is neither a true representation of events as they unfold. It’s laced with prejudice and bias and is no longer an impartial medium. Therefore, it is up to us to stop this mindless journalism by rejecting senseless reporting. It is time to question and inquire. It is important as this directly affects our future.

Entertainment is important but it should not become the distraction that keeps us away from inquiring about pressing issues that could change our lives for good or for worse. It’s important to build your own opinion, judgement and to refuse being spoon fed. So demand an answer if that garbage bin has been full and the municipality has not bothered to clear it for days. Or that the roads have potholes, or report that one employee who is not doing his job without asking for a bribe. Remember, the independence, that we are taking for granted today, did not even exist 60 odd years ago. So please participate in matters of local and national importance and exercise your right to vote, your freedom of thought and speech. At least form your own opinions and judgements about issues of national concern with as much delight as you would discuss a Priyanka Chopra’s fashion disaster. Do it!  – your future depends on it.

(If you have time and are interested to know more about what the world’s opinion of India’s current state is then read this –

Author- Soumya Mania Ranjan


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