Live blog: TEDxMaster Canteen Square #TEDxMCS

Starting at 1PM IST, we’ll be live-blogging updates and happenings at TEDxMasterCanteenSquare from Hotel Suryansh. Stay tuned to this page for updates from the first ever TEDx Event happening in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and around. 1:20PM It’s on. Young writer, Harsh Snehanshu takes stage first, Speaks on.

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TedxMasterCanteenSquare Live Blog

Starting at 1PM IST, we’ll be live-blogging updates and happenings at TEDxMasterCanteenSquare from Hotel Suryansh. Stay tuned to this page for updates from the first ever TEDx Event happening in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and around.

1:20PM It’s on. Young writer, Harsh Snehanshu takes stage first, Speaks on travelling and entrepreneurship, the good, bad and the ugly.

Travelling is a great way to counter all your fears. As you travel, you counter your demons and deal with them.

Harsh speaks about his experiences in Bhubaneswar. Anecdotes included, encounters with a deaf Chai Waala near ITER who happened to an ex- state level cricketer and a Soothsather Sadhu.

“Travel Young, There ain’t another life to wait. Even you get another life, the youth won’t wait.”

1:37PM With a loud applause, chess prodigy Padmini Rout on Stage. Speaks about how she picked up chess. “My father taught me to play…. And Chess happened to me by chance, my first tournament as well…..When I won my first national, I knew I should be a chess player.”
She adds further, “Chess has increased my concentration, I get to travel a lot. Speaking of concentration, It helps in my studies.”

Elaborates the importance sports as a medium of women empowerment. Audience apparently is impressed by the way this teenager of a prodigy thinks. A room full of applause interrupt her.

1:43PM “I still have a lot to achieve and look forward to my career. Like a pawn, keep patience and face all obstacles.”, Padmini signs off.

1:50PM Customary to TED’s event do, we have a pre-recorded TED Talk playing. Enter Sugata Mitra. TED Conference, Long Beach.

2:16PM The audience seems really excited and pumped up with the pre-recorded video. Ok, Joy Bhattacharya is talking now. Director/CEO of the much followed IPL team, Kolkata Knight Riders.

“What Is sport? Why it makes sense? Loyalty to sports and teams. This loyalty is really strong, in case of Indian crowd who consume sports. People are more faithful to the sports teams they support, than their marriage. In the Americas, the rate of which someone switches his support for a team is 0.5%, divorce rates are at 40%!”

Interesting. 😉

2:23PM “We Indians,  follow sportsmen for all the wrong reasons. No talent is greater than other. Justin Bieber still makes a great deal of money.” LOL.

2:26PM “I’d rather be a failure at something I love, than be a success at something I don’t like.”

2:30PM “Every sportsperson understands how fate works.” Speaks about whatever happened to Parthiv Patel, when MS Dhoni came in. Fate does have a hundred things in store for you. Joy signs off.

Break for high tea.

3:37PM Entrepreneur Rachit Pandey on stage. The very catchy and interesting PPT has me hooked for a few moments. Lose cue and miss out on a couple of points he mentions about something.

“Definition of success as we grow up and grow on with life. Everything happens for a reason….”

The talk is mostly philosophical, focussing about life, challenges, coping your fears et al. Rachit fumbles, the talk is interrupted. The announcer opens a Q&A session.

4:01PM Q&A Session. It’s interesting to watch and hear, how Joy fields a question on the IPL cheergirls. Audience in splits for a while. Well played, Joy!

4:12PM Sujit Mahapatra, Volunteer at Bakul Foundation is up on stage amidst a huge round of applause. Starts his stalk with a very cheesy reference to Sunny Leone. Quite predictably, the applause turns into laughter. Even, I’m laughing out as I type. Taking his talk to a more serious level, Sujit goes on a length to elaborate how volunteerism can bring in major change in our lives. Cites examples from Obama first campaign.

“You need money to do something. But in order to get the money, you need to do something. It’s pretty a chicken-egg-who-came-first situation for start-ups.” Stresses on the importance of getting out of this cycle, like he did and goes on to explain the nuances of volunteer capitalism.

4:36PM A video in on playback. Looks so much to a CSR AV of some Bluechip company. Pretty gripping and catch visuals complemented by a suitable background music. Shadab Haasan is on stage.  This BIT Mesra and St. Xavier’s’, Ranchi alumni is a much respected young social entrepreneur. His school at Brambe, near Ranchi provides free education to poor and orphaned children. His story of how he came to be is truly inspiring. Education, alone can change a lot and solve all almost all of world’s problems. Quite true.

05:10PM Akram Feroz from Cycle Natak has begun talking. He starts talking about breaking shackles and very conveniently jumps the stage marker assigned and crosses it. The video guy frantically pans the camera in his direction.

“In our country, B.A. is a status issue. So I choose B.Sc Genetics. After college, I had a stint as a Televsion Producer, got bored with it and started writing theater.”

Akram has traveled round the country in a bicycle with just INR 300 in his pocket. Slides show pictures of how he lived in people’s houses, in his tent and at times, gatecrashed weddings for food! His histrionics keep the audience hooked, claps after claps and laughs in the between.

“The road, the journey is an awesome teacher..”, Akram signs off. Standing ovation deserved. Standing ovation given.

05:32PM Rachit and Joy have a flight to catch. They are fecilitated by the dynamic team of TEDxMasterCanteenSquare and a group photo with the other speakers is taken.

5:40PM Although it’s not even 6PM, it seems like late evening with the slight drizzle outside. Certainly not how a summer evening should be. The last speaker, who an advocate by the day and a web comic artist by the night is on stage. Hemant Kumar, owner of Lithosphere Comics says that he was a big time Calvin & Hobbes fan and that Warli art had a big influence on him. So did Da Vinci, and his style of having a second and a third meaning to his works.

His great sense of humor is pretty gripping, audience has a great time as Hemant speaks about his web comic pursuit and future prospects as this wonderful event comes to an end.

The Broken Scooter was the official Sponsor and online partners for TEDxMasterCanteenSquare. TEDxMasterCanteenSquare is an independently organized TED event.


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