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Iron Man 3: Perfect blend of action, fun..and melodrama!

If you have followed the work of Shane Black over the years, then Iron Man 3 is just the kind of film you would enjoy with a smile on your face. What Shane did with films such as “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (also featuring Downey.

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If you have followed the work of Shane Black over the years, then Iron Man 3 is just the kind of film you would enjoy with a smile on your face. What Shane did with films such as “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (also featuring Downey Jr) and “Lethal Weapon”, is precisely what he does with the third installment in the Iron Man series. He mixes action, fun and little bit of melodrama to elevate the film to great entertaining heights from where even the most glaring loophole appears blurred. If Iron Man series has been entertaining audiences since its inception in 2008, then the latest outing has done it better than its prequels.

When the personal life of Tony Stark aka Iron Man is disturbed by an unknown enemy, an angry Iron Man sets out to find those responsible for the turbulent situation he is forced to face. Along the course of his challenging journey, not only does he find answers to questions that have been haunting him, but also manages to survive by his own devices, relying on his resourcefulness and intuitions to protect those closest to him. Coping from mental fatigue and anxiety issues, Tony has to fight not one but two villains responsible for chaos in his life.

The film doesn’t show any creative spark on the story front, but it still manages to engage one and all with spectacular action sequences and witty one-liners. Be it the mid-air rescue operation or Iron Man’s flying or fighting suit, the film is inundated with breathtaking stunts galore that are equally entertaining to keep up the excitement level in the audience.

Shane merges the sensibilities of the past eras into the narrative, while shifting away from the graphic novel at regular intervals. This not only turns out strange but at times questions the history of the character. This is evident in one of the scenes where Tony, aided by a small kid, traces The Mandarin to a small town. While the relationship between Tony and the kid is highly entertaining and serves as a distraction from the occasional tragedy, but the whole plot seems pointless.

But, what makes Iron Man 3 probably the best outing in the franchise is the flawless use of humour in the narrative even in the most serious scenes. Be it Hogan’s fascination for Downtown Abbey or unmasking of Mandarin to the loud laughter-ish reaction of the terrorists to Rhode’s password. It’s this unadulterated use of humour that makes this film a delight to watch even for those who have followed neither the series nor the comics.


The film also succeeds in making every member of the cast act flawlessly. Downey is once again at his best as the man in the iron suit. His blunt honesty and the ease with which he mouths some casually written lines is a treat to watch.  His exit only hints at a certain comeback sooner or later. Don Cheadle as Rhodes is solid in his performance, while Paltrow turns gooey at times and yearns for love that she genuinely deserves.

It is best that I don’t comment about Ben Kingsley role as The Mandarin. I leave it to you all to watch and decide for yourself whether he was any good at all. However, Pearce as the baddie pulled of a stunner. It’s one of the suave performances of a villain you may ever get to see.

Finally, “Iron Man 3” doesn’t have an obvious ending and leaves us with the anticipation of a sequel soon.

Movie: Iron Man 3
Director: Shane Black
Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Guy Pearce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jon Favreau, Don Cheadle and Ben Kingsley
Rating: ***1/2


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