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Date Trap – What you Should wear for Dates

  Every day is a day for celebrating love just and many of you at a point must have been confused about how you dress up for your date.  Is it something that you have always sorted out? Have you? Thinking of something out of.

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Every day is a day for celebrating love just and many of you at a point must have been confused about how you dress up for your date.  Is it something that you have always sorted out? Have you?


Thinking of something out of the ordinary is the best way to start assembling your ensemble. So if you usually dress up in jeans and tees, think of romancing him with a feminine dress or skirt and top. If on the other hand, you are more of a feminine side and usually dress up in skirts and tops or feminine dresses more often, consider wearing well-fitting trousers and a luxurious top to match with it. Basically, the aim should be to knock him out with your looks when he first sees you!

Well, here are some super fabulous ideas on how to dress up to make your date truly special for you and to show your partner that you took pains to look your best only for him! If you belong to the lucky few, who have the entire day to spend with each other, you should pick up something which is suitable for day as well as night. Pay attention to comfort as you would be spending most of the day dressed up. Well fitted cropped trousers or even tights in neutral color with a sheer blouse will look great on anybody. Pay attention to the fit as anything too tight or too loose will mar the look. Choose your colors wisely. Neutrals and pastels look chic and are great for day as well as nightwear. Nothing beats a soft flowy dress when you want to create a feminine look. Opt for form-fitting, figure hugging dress only if you have the perfect hourglass figure. Also keep in mind the practicality of wearing too tight dresses, if you are unsure of the places that you would be going to through the day.


While choosing a dress for an all day event, practicality and comfort should be the top two things to consider. Opt for softer fabrics like chiffon and light weight silks in colors which you like. Opt for big floral prints in pretty pinks to up the feminine glam quotient. You could also play around with unique neckline shapes such as sweetheart, boat neck or asymmetrical. Choose lengths which do not drag behind you as you walk (reserve it for a romantic candle light dinner).Practical lengths could be as long as ankle and as high as a few inches above the knee. Team your dress with comfortable heels as these look really great with a dress and throw on a stole to keep yourself warm and cosy. A nice piece of necklace and some bangles will look great and complete the look. To add to the sophisticated look, you could also carry a clutch bag in similar tones to the overall dress. For the day, again keep it simple and not too over the top. For the night, highlight your best feature by making it prominent and keeping the rest of the face simple.

You could accessorize well – a long chain and some interesting amulets in contrast tones (could be red as well) would look wonderful. Remember, when you are wearing something more detailed on your neck, you could go easy on the ear rings.  To complete the look, wear comfortable wedges, ankle high boots or flats for footwear and a clutch bag to hold your makeup necessities, cash and phone. You could have a minimal makeup to go by for the day with perhaps just some lip gloss and a hint of eyeliner and mascara and later in the evening, go ahead with add some color to your eyes and cheeks for a more updated look. Whether you choose to stay at home or go out for a movie or meal, the fact is that you are spending time with a person who is an important part of your life and how you dress up to make him feel extra special is just a step to reinforcing that faith in him!

Featured attire: Hand dyed, cotton laced dress
Attire by: Azkia Aarif
Story by: Azkia Aarif
Photographs by: Ankita Singh


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