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Nail It – Looking good in Campus Interviews

It is true that people have reached the top positions in many industries, but dressing up for such a position is still a struggle for many. How you dress up for interviews shows how seriously you take your work and that’s how others will perceive.

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It is true that people have reached the top positions in many industries, but dressing up for such a position is still a struggle for many. How you dress up for interviews shows how seriously you take your work and that’s how others will perceive you. In this time of cut throat competition, your seniors are constantly judging you, not just your work but also your presentation skills. Dress for the job you want, not the one that you have to. If you are at an interview and you dream of climbing the corporate level, it is important you dress accordingly and show everyone your goals. Keep the company’s brand image in mind while dressing up for the interview and avoid clothes that clash with your corporate culture.

So girls…have a look!

Anything that makes a sound should not be on your body. So no trinkets, no glass bangles, and yes, no noisy heels. If you want to be taken seriously at your workplace and don’t want to be the topic of water cooler conversation, NO skin show. That means no deep neck blouses and skirts should end just above your knee. All your separates should be clean fitted and neatly ironed. The fit is the most important part. In most cases, that means taking branded clothes to a tailor for alteration. It is best to wear solid deep muted colors for the interview. Too much perfume is as irritating and noticeable as body odour. The best of clothes will fail to impress anyone if your nail paint is chipped and your lips are chapped. Make efforts to groom yourself in every aspect. Hair style and color make up and accessories are personal style and shouldn’t be a problem, as long as it doesn’t distract you and the others from work. Bright colors and prints could be used in scarves and ties only. So avoid bright orange shirt or shoes even if it’s the color of the season and your mom thinks it looks great on you. A pencil skirt with a print blouse and crop jacket and coordinating pumps fulfills all the requirement of a formal wear. Mix different material textures and colors to spice up your professional wardrobe. For those who are really not comfortable with the western style of formal clothing a simple salwar kameez helps you in doing the job. But a big no to all those sequined work ones. Remember you are at an interview, not a party!! You can always develop your own personalized style no matter where ever you are. One should never try to portray themselves as ultra modernized or fashionable in their office. It creates an impression that you are an attention seeker and your credential to handle the job becomes doubtful too.
Some basic outline when it comes to fitting, style and colors are:-
Your trousers needs to be fitted but free of visible panty lines. Skirts should be especially straight styles i.e pencil skirts .They should lose enough so that you can sit comfortable. If you are fond of wearing formal jackets or blouses then it shouldn’t have gaps between buttonholes. Common and traditional colors include navy which is a trust worthy color, grey and black which are chic and conservative. Avoid red as it is taken as aggressive colors especially by other women. Wild prints and bright pinks are some of the colors which are risky and you have to be careful while mixing them up. Stacks of bangles or anklet which indicate that you are coming are a complete NO NO. It is advisable to wear minimal of jewellery stud, earrings or single bracelets with a nice watch. Manicured nails, clean polished shoes and styled hair helps in creating the right look.

What not to wear

1. See through garments and miniskirts with really high stilettos.

2. Wrinkled clothing and baggy fit clothing.

When it comes to office wear it is all about striking a balance between looking good and stylish. One needs to look competent, organized and ready to take up challenges. While it is important to avoid looking too trendy, your attire doesn’t have to be boring. After all you are a woman and you don’t have to dress up like a man.

When it comes to dressing up, guys…why lag behind?

Perhaps the most formalistic rules in men’s fashion apply to formal attire. This seems fitting. While rules exist for all types of clothing, formal attire faux pas tend to be the most noticeable, since rules governing casual garb are more flexible. Yet, with these rules well understood and properly followed, a man arguably looks his best in formal attire, as it gives him an elegant, dignified and polished look. Of course, due to the rigidity of the rules, any mistake that a man might make is magnified to an even greater extent. In order to help you avoid such blunders. Just say “no” to translucent

White is the safest color for a man’s formal shirt. Incidentally, white is also the most boring. In some situations, however including job interviews, a white shirt might still be the best option. In more relaxed settings, you should stay conservative, utilizing soft, muted colors, and/or mild patterns like stripes. In formal settings, translucent or see through shirts are never appropriate. Size matters a lot.

One cannot stress enough the importance of getting a shirt that actually fits well. You can manage to squeeze into a variety of sizes, but without the proper fit, the sleeves will leave your wrists exposed if they’re too short or will bunch up if they’re too long. Moreover, a tight collar will look bad and choke you when you wear a tie. A loose collar will look ridiculous. Make sure the sleeves and collar are the right size to fit comfortably and look sleek. On a shirt, all buttons should be fastened, including the small ones on the side of the sleeve near the cuff. Although these buttons might not seem functional, they prevent your forearm from being exposed through the hole where the sleeve is unbuttoned. A button-down collar must also be fastened. If left unfastened, the buttons below the collar will stick out awkwardly. No pastel pants

Pants, however, are an entirely different story. If you are considering wearing some powder blue pants to an interview, think again. Size still matters. Pleats must be avoided.

With pants, much like with shirts, you have to get the right fit. If you purchase a pair of pants that are too long, get them hemmed. Pants should rest at the waist. If they bunch up at the bottom, they are too long. Of course, the opposite rule applies as well: Pants that are too short will make you look like you are going clamming. These days, the prevailing style seems to be ditching pants with cuffed bottoms. While contemporary fashion does not absolutely forbid wearing cuffs, they should be avoided, especially in slim-leg pants. Shoes & socks should always match.

Never, ever, wear brown shoes with a black belt or vice versa. The color of your shoes should always match (or at least go with) the color of your belt. Those colors, by the way, don’t extend beyond black and brown when it comes to formal wear for interviews. Additionally, your formal pants have loops for a reason, so make sure you wear a belt. Select a good quality tie. If you are going in for a silken tie, remember that you are paying for the material. Thus, double check its quality. Pinch the tie gently to check the thickness of the material, remember it is the silk and not the lining that must be thick. The silk must have weight and be smooth, anything else is a compromise. Hand sewn ties are much better than their machine-made cousins. Ensure that tie won’t twist around to display its label. Allow the garment to dangle mid air by holding it by its narrow end and raising it high. If it flips back, replace it, this is poor quality workmanship. The garment must stay stiff. Just having a great tie won’t give you the desired effect if you haven’t tied it gracefully and correctly. Hence, to tie it right.

Finally…never hesitate to ask for suggestions. Go…nail it!!!

Feature by: Azkia Arif

Photographers: Abel Sebastian / Sai Prasanth Choudhury
Models: Megha Naudiyal / Dipankar Dash


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  • Ashu

    main toki!! ha ha!! nailed it!

  • Sandeep Ranjan Pattnaik

    and yes alwez use formal tie nt some glassy luk tie!! Wear the tie that suits ur shirt!!! Blazer also is preferred in case of giving a formal look bt dat too depends on the season.
    And yes when dressing up for the interview just kindly mind to take care of looking neat nd clean sharved

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