A Rain Story

Bhubaneswar and Cuttack or the twin cities as they are called, go through a plethora of climate changes. And Mother Nature here believes in giving everything “ naap-tol  ke”.  The summer here is extreme. Extreme, I repeat. The searing heat, the tormenting sun and the unsubtle.

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Bhubaneswar and Cuttack or the twin cities as they are called, go through a plethora of climate changes. And Mother Nature here believes in giving everything “ naap-tol  ke”.  The summer here is extreme. Extreme, I repeat. The searing heat, the tormenting sun and the unsubtle humidity entrap our minds and compel us to be slaves of the nature. Utter submission is what we can do during those three-long months (April-May-June). So long, I might add that they feel like a decade of torture! The trees look pale and dried up and the beautiful greenery of the cities seems dead. Limitless ‘pani-pouches’ go on head and every possible way is devised for respite. But all in vain! It’s like Bhubaneswar has 3 seasons – Hot,Hotter and Hottest!

And just when it becomes unbearable for the ‘aam aadmi’ and the last vestige of water from the river gets evaporated towards the end of June, nature showers us with rain. Suddenly the image of the red hot sun in the newspaper’s weather column gets replaced by the curvaceous image of a cloud and the mercury readings drop down pleasantly which is felt by all the citizens. Finally respite comes packed in a wrapper of rain!

The real taste of the monsoons in the cities is felt when one travels out during the rain. Be it a ride in that comfortable car or on the ‘broken scooter’ the fun is beyond imagination! And the ones travelling in the auto-rickshaws(the typical Bhubaneswar transport), are always a ‘little wet’ near the folds of the pants which keeps their friends wondering. During these outings one easily finds groups of people standing under sheds of the shops. Some to save their heads from getting wet, some their headphones. The shops with a longer shed, gain access to more number of people and end up increasing the sales of  “chai-sutta” ( no ! we dont endorse smoking) by quite a number. The pakoda and bhaaji shops have a monopoly. And while the tea shops serving that ‘ultimate thing’ in a glass along with a nutty biscuit double their customer base almost running a houseful throughout the monsoons, the juice waalas take a break and go out holidaying from all that money they garnered during summers.

Romance suddenly steams up! Rainy season, otherwise called the season of romance does grip quite a few hearts and makes them listen to the love-songs they once abhorred. The newly committed ones start noticing the water droplets on the window panes. The ones who broke up recently update clichéd FB statuses like “I love walking in the rain because no one knows I am crying”. Duh!

The poets or the aspiring ones get their adrenaline rush from monsoons. They write about the freshness of the grass and the smell of the rain! The working class,on the other hand,enjoys the rain in its own way. People at offices have one common excuse these days for coming late to the office and evade their boss’s suspicious looks:Rain! Sometime the reason is far more serious: Heavy Rain!

The twin cities have a rich tradition of monsoons! The generations before us told us the same rain-stories shared the same passion about monsoons. And the generations after us, hopefully, will be able to witness the same & reiterate the same.

People complain about the traffic, and of the water logged streets, but for all the beauty and the joy a small price does come attached with it. And for one, who hasn’t visited Bhubaneswar or Cuttack ever, visit it during monsoons, a time when the temperature is just right.

It’s that time of the year when both the cities look a tad greener, a tad more beautiful!

Contributed By : Sourav panda
Photos By : Surya Narayan Mishra


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  • Paramitachakraborty47

    During the last few months, I was just wondering how shall I continue staying in BBSR, when my friends will leave this place. But recently I discovered that I am in some sort of relationship with this place. I love the streets, the temples, the road side shops, dahiwada aludum and many more.. oh how can i forget “Lingaraj lassi”. Well i think i am having a crush on this city. Today my all beloved friends are gone, still I am not so lonely.

    • You have brilliantly explained why you love this city! Bhubaneswar is a lovely city! And it’s hard NOT to fall in love with this place! We share the similar kind of tastes! Dahibara Aludam, and Lingaraj Lassi Ah! Divine! 🙂

  • Ruchika Mohanty

    feeling nostalgic !

    • I’m glad I could refresh some of your memories!


  • N Bhanupriya92

    awesome work man….keep soaring……i just loved it

  • a classic capture of the charm of the monsoons in bbsr-ctc…
    could actually relate to the narration 🙂

    good job 🙂

  • Indu

    Love the pictures.. Compliments to the photographer 🙂

    • I loved the pictures too 🙂 Surya has done a brilliant job!

  • Mohapatra Sweta

    Team,that is fabulously written.The words could not have been chosen more appropriately….kudos!!!

    • Hi Sweta,
      Thanks a lot! These encouraging words do inspire us to work harder and write better next time!

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