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The art of body inking better known as tattoo is a centuries old art. First started as a traditional art, later regarded as a war symbol or a sign of rebellion, tattooing has evolved as an art form and is considered more of a body.

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The art of body inking better known as tattoo is a centuries old art. First started as a traditional art, later regarded as a war symbol or a sign of rebellion, tattooing has evolved as an art form and is considered more of a body art rather than a taboo these days. The Broken Scooter caught up with Om Acharya of Skivas studio, who gave a brief insight about this body art form.


A game developer by profession, Om had a fixation with inking and has come a long way since then.

TBS: What made you pick up the needle?

Om: My first tattoo is my inspiration. After being tattooed by my master Amin Sultan, I decided on working at it.

TBS: How did you pick up the tricks of the trade?
Om: All credits goes to Amin who is based in Hyderabad. He is the one who helped me learning his art. Apart from him, I owe this completely to my customers. When they judge me and my work, I study their interest and knowledge about a tattoo.
I learned from them what their exact need is and gradually mastered the designs. With a vast competition in this field, knowing the other persons thought process is the only trick towards success.

TBS: For how long have you been in this profession?
Om:16 months as of  now.

TBS: What did your family and friends think about you getting into the tattoo business?
Om: As the saying goes, “do not reveal your thoughts but be determined to execute it.”
Initially when I started learning the art, I had to hide it from my family as I didn’t know how they would react to this profession as it is considered as a taboo. But I dared to show a few photographs of my work to my brother and sister. After their positive remark and support I showed my work to my parents. They mutually accepted it with a neutral state of mind.
But, as I proceeded with my work and established myself as an artist in this field, they remained my constant support.

TBS: How is it like to be a tattoo artist in the temple city?
Om: At first I had 3-4 customers a week and now they have got me 5-6 customers a day. Don’t you think that kind of response is pretty cool?
I’m not a tattoo artist nor am I a scratcher. I’m someone who understands the value of a person’s skin being inked for a lifetime. Before getting started with my work, I discuss the pros and cons of being tattooed, the after effects, and care required towards the skin, thereby making the process a soothing and less painful one, yet memorable.

TBS: What is your favorite part of the job?
Om: When I retain customers. When they come back for another design, it gives me utmost pleasure when I fix a bad tattoo or remake a previously done tattoo.

TBS: What kinds of tattoo do most of your clients demand?
Om: Tribal, Feminine, Old School, Religious.


TBS: How many tattoos do you have in all? And have you ever tattooed yourself?
Om: In total, I have 9 tattoos. Whenever I get a new design or I am free, I work on my skin to see how it looks.

TBS: What should person keep in mind before getting their first tattoo?
Om: Before you get into any tattoo studio, you have to do a small research on few things like:

  • Check the artists’ work Profile and experience.
  • Whether the needles are sterilized and have an expiry date.
  • The inks used must be FDA Approved.

Skivas is a tattoo studio adhering to international standards, and Om is a certified tattoo artist.

If you are interested in getting inked, you can contact Om via
Phone: +91 87631 119 91 / +91 91608 310 63
Email: omacharya1983@gmail.com

Story and Photos by Sitanshu Pani



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