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I woke up on Sunday morning, clueless about how eventful it was going be. Our Pheel Photographer and Sankar Kanhar  said we have to meet a certain automobile stunt group called Motoheadz. How did I know that it was going to be one of the.

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I woke up on Sunday morning, clueless about how eventful it was going be. Our Pheel Photographer and Sankar Kanhar  said we have to meet a certain automobile stunt group called Motoheadz. How did I know that it was going to be one of the best Sunday’ mornings in my life.

I was richer with bruises on my knees and a tetanus shot in my arm – the pain lasted for an unbelievable three days damn!

Motoheadz is not one of those fancy wannabe biking groups who rev engines pointlessly and ride at unreasonable speeds. These guys are carful, follow safety measures, use biking gear and are technically aware of their bikes.

With words like naked and babies taking a whole different meaning in their stunting sessions (naked is the bike which has its tail lights and headlights removed btw), this interview was one of the most candid ones that the Broken Scooter has indulged in.


The current line up of MotoHeadz is :

Dipraj Tripathy
Soumya Panda
Navjot Singh
Sarthak Kumar Mohanty
Bubu acharya
Srikant Kumar das
Udipta kumar Rath 

Experts of wheelie, stoppie, rolling wheelie, rolling stoppie, endo and many breath taking stunts like human compass, we had a free-wheeling chat with their group members.

Excerpts from the interview:

TBS: Going by the traffic norms in the city, Is stunting legal in Bhubaneswar?
MHZ: We have run into trouble quite a few times for practicing stunts in Bhubaneswar but the Police has granted us permission to perform stunts in the stretch near Dhauli when the rush is less.

TBS: The bikes should be in a top notch condition for stunting. How do you bear the expenses?
MHZ:  We manage it with our pocket moneys. The bikes use up a lot of fuel during stunts and rubber burns and wear and tear is another common problem we face all the time. Some of the expenses are covered by the money we make in some college shows. The rest, we dish out from our own pockets.

TBS: How is the stunting future in India?
MHZ: Stunt mania by Pulsar is the only stunting platform we have heard of in India. Due to some reasons we could not participate last year, but we will definitely try our luck in Stunt mania this year. It is one show which recognizes bikers and their true spirit. It’s not just a sport we indulge in, we love our bikes. Sometimes they mean everything to us. There are hardly any platforms which recognize the true spirit of a man behind wheels.

TBS: Does your family support you guys? The sport you indulge in is highly dangerous.
MHZ: We faced initial resistance. We are sure no parents would be comfortable at home thinking their kids indulge in such a risky sport but we showed our parents our videos etc and explained them about the kind of safety precautions we use. After many years they have finally mellowed and now support us completely.

TBS: Any history of accidents?
MHZ: Diptiraj scorns and looks at us with joy. His hands have silencer burns and the jaw has been badly hurt.
 “During one show my hand was on the silencer during a stunt, it was burning my hand but I couldn’t let go. The show had to go on” he recalls.

TBS: Where do you guys see yourselves few years from now?
MHZ: Who cares? As long as we guys meet up, share some smokes and tea, relish roadside food and ride our babies. We really don’t think about the future other than performing that perfect stunt on our bike. When you do a stunt, the adrenaline rush blanks your mind. You really don’t think of anything else. This is the feeling we want to live with, just be in the present and ride our love.

As the day ended, Navjot offered me a ride on his bike. While performing a wheelie, I lost control ended up hitting the rods of his bike, I had bruises all over my knees as I had mentioned, but I was happy.

I really hope to find that adrenaline rush one day in anything that I am doing. I want to experience this kind of madness towards anything I do. It was a day well spent and a lesson well learnt.

The Broken Scooter wishes Motoheadz roaring success.


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  • Diprajtripathy2

    thank u the team of “the broken scooter”

  • Satya Guin

    we proud of u..guys..u r the xxxxxxxxx-fact

  • Subham samir

    nice stunts with a awsm photography..& good luck guys

  • Growing Bigger or we can call its as .. Effort showing colors !

    Dis is [Pawan A.k.A Sicarius]

    Soon gonna be back wid a bang … (Till then keep shocking people wid ur awsome skills )

  • i like stunt

  • vicky

    Carry on guyz ..
    Really it was awesome
    All da best ..!!
    And never never give up

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