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Wedding Hues : Your Guide to Dressing Up

Weddings are the time when not only two souls are united in a beautiful bond, but the families and friends get connected as well. Being a woman has always been considered as beautiful and as a girl, most of us crave to look sensational, elegant and flaunt.

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Weddings are the time when not only two souls are united in a beautiful bond, but the families and friends get connected as well. Being a woman has always been considered as beautiful and as a girl, most of us crave to look sensational, elegant and flaunt the occasion with whatever we wear. Since weddings are usually a tradition most of us generally incline to deck in something elegant and ethnic with a secret desire to make the groom’s friends awestruck!

After all, you won’t prefer some nosey lady to point  at your attire and gossip till YOU get married.

The best ever thing about Indian outfits are that they can be simple, yet elegant and make you go gaga over and over again. Young girls can always opt for a lehenga or a ghaghra choli.

You always have an option to look for the ones with block prints and embroidered motifs. Sequins always manage to grab the attention, so motifs with a touch of the sequins work can considered too.But make sure that they don’t make you look too much flashy in the entire occasion.

  • If you are dark-complexioned then you can even choose the pastel hues of clothing with a little deeper shaded motifs or laced work. This will help in balancing your complexion and the beauty of your attire.
  • Very fair girls can go for both darker shades and the bright shades. An outfit in a tint of golden, black or even maroon can make you glow.
  • If you have a bulky body, and you still wish to put on a lehenga for a wedding and yet you are worried about looking odd, then there is a solution to this problem too. You can always wear one which has more amount of detailing as in the embroidery or the prints or even the motifs. They manage to help in focusing most of the attention on the details and not on your bulky side.


Every cake needs an icing to look more attractive. But this doesn’t mean that any flavored icing would do. It has to go with the cake and its taste too.

If you are planning to wear something with intricate designs then opt for simple jewellery.

If you very much into wearing heavy jewellery which make people to focus on them, go for a simple and elegant outfit. This balances the entire get up perfectly.

 Too much of both can make you look like the traffic lights.

Uncut gems are on a high craze these days. Go for them if you wish to. Even a simple pendant with intricate carvings does all the wonders. Do not make an exhibition of all the jewellery that you have in your collection.

Select the ones which go with your outfits and your complexion. There isn’t any hard and fast rule that the piece has to be of the same color as that of your attire. Contrasting and bold colors also do the magic.



Since your face is the most crucial part of you, it plays all the game.While applying the makeup on your face, you are free to decide if you want any specific part to be laid focus upon. It can be your eyes, your cheeks or even the lips.


Try out the various shades of eye liners that come in the market these days. These ranges can help you in making the eye lashes and the rest of the portion of the eye distinct and pretty.


  • Two different shades of eye shadows can be tried to get a contrasting and a beautiful effect on the eyes. The blush on your cheeks can be taken as an option and not a priority.
    Take care that it goes with your skin tone and isn’t too bright to make your cheeks look like the headlights of a car.
  •  A food for thought : Before you start working on your face, clean it properly and apply a primer or a base which goes with your complexion. Evenly spread it all over or else you might end looking like a piece of patch work.


Footwears are the add-ons which play a significant role back stage.

  • Take care about the type of surface you’ll be walking on. Most of the heels can be used inside, but if you’re likely to attend a wedding at a lawn, elegant flats and flip-flops are an excellent choice. Satin suede footwear with no or minimal designs do a great job too. You can choose to put on a contrasting or a bolder color with your attire.
    A general tip, make sure you can walk comfortably in them and don’t limp!

Featured in the Shoot – Aditi Mohapatra 

Wardrobe Courtesy : RURI4

Lehenga Choli : Rs 10225

Dangling Earings: Rs 1020

Bracelet: Rs.620

Footwear: Rs 1055

Mangtika : Rs 350

Ring : Rs 150

Arms Necklace : Rs 300

You can have a glimpse of  the entire shoot  below : 

Our Awesome photographers : Swayam Satta Swain and Ranvir Deb.
Make Up and Styling : Main Toki and Deepsha Dhal
Article Courtesy : Azkia Arif

Ruri4 is a fashion boutique located in Ravi Talkies.You can contact them on : 
 0674 6511192 for your wardrobe solutions.



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