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We started Cupid’s Pen to hear your special stories and your cherished moments. The moment u realized u were head over heels, the way you screwed up your first date, the day you just saved your relationship, your breakup , your patch up ,your first kiss, the.

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We started Cupid’s Pen to hear your special stories and your cherished moments. The moment u realized u were head over heels, the way you screwed up your first date, the day you just saved your relationship, your breakup , your patch up ,your first kiss, the day u were caught, your first gift. A moment that you would die for, a moment that you could live with for the rest of your life.




Some  notable entries that we received -:

Entry #2 – UNTITLED – by Alisha Rout


“You cannot change or erase the past. However, the future is always in front of you, that you can draw for yourself.

It breaks my heart, looking at you with so much pain that you’re going through. My biggest happiness is to see you happy.

Don’t get me wrong, but I love you and only you. How badly I wish I could show you what my heart says about you. I wish you could look into my eyes and see the longing, the need I have for you and feel it so.

I just wish you have a tenderness in your hear where I am concerned.”

She stared at him for a full heart beat. She was very sure of what she wanted but how could she say that. Her heart was pounding.

Her best friend was only making a decent advance.

“I’m sorry for my behavior. I’ve become very irrational in my behavior. You can never know what love can make you do. But, I’m sincere. I want to be with you, no matter what comes across.

I just wish you think of me whenever you require some help, a shoulder to cry on or you just want to share your thoughts. I want to try my best to remove all the sadness from your life. I want to be there with you, for you.

I feel a sudden urge to check on you every few minutes to make sure if you are ok, but I don’t want to bother you in any manner.

When I see you crying, more that trying to comfort you I feel like crying with you. All I want to see is a smile on your face. I want to be there when you truly are in need of anyone, emotionally. I’ll never hurt your feelings or even let you hurt your own feelings. Some feelings are best left in the heart but how will feelings ever come across if they are not laid into words? Hiding feelings can only let misunderstandings happen. I don’t fear my love to be rejected or unrequited.

Its upto you to decide whether to carry forward the relationship or not. But I promise, I will be yours forever, unless you don’t want me.

I’ll never let you be alone. I can never let you go.”

Tears from the depth of some divine despair rose in her heart and gathered in her eyes. She hurried away from that place. A smart dash of rain struck upon her face as she walked out of the door. She smiled and did not feel it. She was so happy that she could die ,right then. It was a moment that she could live with for the rest of her life. She had never felt that before. She was exactly where she wanted to be. You cannot begin to comprehend why she did not feel the cold dash of the winter rain. People were scurrying home and to cars with close held umbrellas and tight buttoned raincoats. Many of them turned their heads to marvel at this serene, happy eyed girl walking through the storm as though strolling in a garden under summer skies. Let the elements do their worst. Nobody could stop her.

Someone turned a corner and blocked her way. She looked up into his eyes, sparkling with admiration and interest.

 ‘Can I walk with you?’

He held her in his arms. Their bodies only a heart beat away. He could feel her warm tears drifting down on her face.

ENTRY #3 –

                                                      THE LOVE STORY

                                                                            by Anonymous

I firmly believed that love is an overrated entity commercialized to help the sale of cards, flowers, chocolates etc because unconditional love is something that only our parents are capable of giving us.Little did I know that all my pre conceived notions will be thrown out of the window.

Keeping the anonymity intact, I would skip the details of where I met ‘the boy’ and come straight to the moment when I met ‘the boy’. I had noticed ‘the boy’ because he was always acting smart. Then we got introduced by a mutual friend. Actually I had asked my friend to introduce me to ‘the boy’.My first impression of the guy was ok. I thought he was just like any other ordinary guy who liked befriending numerous girls and hitting on them. Then the usual happened,small talk here and there, the exchange of numbers and finally the late night conversations. It is then I realized that ‘the boy’ has qualities which go beyond the general characteristics. He is a wonderful human being who leaves an indelible mark in people’s hearts and lives.

P.S: I can go gaga about him but that’ll disrupt the flow of the story so I’ll zip it.

At the end of the day every girl wants a guy who would be mature enough to handle her, strong enough to take care of her when she’s vulnerable, good enough to value here and be there for her. So ‘the boy’ was a catch!!

They say when you fall in love, all those corny romantic songs suddenly make sense. It happened to me and to add onto my woes, a song started playing in my mind for every situation. ‘Chasing cars’ by Snow Patrol topped my list because with him around I truly believed I would just lie down and waste my time chasing cars around my head .My problem in life has always been that people get intimidated by me and the reverse never happens. But ‘the boy’ not only has the potential to intimidate me, but he also renders me speechless. In short he brings out emotions and mannerisms in me I never knew I was capable of displaying in the first place.

I feel something very different for him. And if this weird feeling isn’t love then I don’t know what is. I am mad enough to think about him almost all the time. I am crazy enough to dream of living with him all the time. My heart melts like warm, gooey, molten chocolate every time I see him.

He’s like this breath of fresh air that came into my insignificant life and I’ll be eternally grateful to him for making me feel all of it.
As all good things come to an end, so did my rendezvous with him. ‘The boy’ and I are in different cities now but the memories will always be mine to keep and cherish.

I miss him. I want him. I need him. I wish we could be together.

But wishes have never been roses and shall never be. So it’s ok. It’s fine. It was one hell of an experience. I took the big leap. I know what it feels like to truly, madly and deeply fall for someone.The roaring romance we had, the interesting conversations we had and the amazing time we spent together will always be etched in my mind and I’ll always be yearning for more.Still I am strong. Still I am independent. That’s how I am still surviving.

I have no idea whether he’ll stick to me or move onto another interesting candidate cuz I am just another chick who fell for him but I can hope that whatever happens, it’ll be for the greater good.There is a reason why we met and why we had a story. Now all I can do is sit and let the Universe unfold its course of nature to know whether this story of mine will have a happy ending or not.
No matter how delusional or desperate I become, there are some things in life that are not under my control and sometimes I have to LET GO.
This situation is one of them. So I leave it on fate. I leave it on destiny.




                                                           Dear Letter 

                                                                         by Subhakant Parida

This entry deserves a special mention due to the way it manages to touch the right chords. It’s amazing how the writer has put together his feelings in such a subtle way. It is definitely one of the best love letters we have come across.

Dear letter,
Be my good letter.  covey her, my love and tell her how sorry I feel after losing her. After these two years of separation I don’t have the guts to ask for forgiveness. Here is something that I want you to read into her ears, so that no-one else can listen to it.

How are you? This should be my first question to you. Coz after two years, the tears in my eyes are far gone. I’ve never thought of this day. From the very moment I saw you in the tuition, I always believed that we can’t be separated. But yet here we are… feeling lonely… and trying to follow as you said. I really tried hard to get you out of my mind. But still I can’t. I tried everything I could. They said nicotine helps, I tried. No result. They again said alcohol will do for sure. I followed that too. But all in vain.

I don’t have any another choice but suicide. But I’m not a coward, who just murders himself. But I think your love inside me has never wanted me to do so.I was happy . But now with everything ruined I can’t get a proper solution. My heart, my stupid heart is in agony when a tear drops from your eyes. I will not call you anymore. You will not see my face . I will not bother about your health. You will not be worried that someone will ruin your life. Nobody will threaten you. No boring messages. No goddamn talks. No chit chats. No roses. No wishing on Sept. 14th. No hug…… Oh!!! F***!!! Why the hell I am crying. I was not supposed to cry.I feel there are many things to say. But my hand is shivering in cold. I need your warmth, the warmth of your love. Those sweet dreams in your lap. I think I am in love again. Or I’ve never stopped loving you. I love you.I am not kidding. Sooner or later you will surely realize that the person you loved once was the best person in your life.

On this occasion of valentines day I need to remind you that on 14th feb-2008, I had money just enough to buy you a rose flower. I managed to keep Rs. 5  and bought a rose for you. I could not give to you because I had no money to call you from the pay-phone. It was very hard for me to hide that flower from the eyes of my parents and my siblings.

I gave it to you after a week, you received it cheerfully and kissed me for being your lover. I felt like I am the happiest person in the world. I felt like a king.

So what do you say dear letter? Can you do this small thing favor. Convey my message to her.Tell her she is mine and always be.

Thank you for all the wonderful stories. It was a pleasure reading your stories. Due to some constraints we could not feature all the other good entries. But they will be equally special to us and shall hold a special place in our hearts.


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