Taming Of the Beasts – Odisha Car Rally 2011

There is a rare breed of people in Odisha who would swear by the power of revving engines. Well, we do not mean the drunken lot or the sahi toka (local guys) zig-zaggers you find on the roads. Yes sir, we are talking about the real.

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There is a rare breed of people in Odisha who would swear by the power of revving engines. Well, we do not mean the drunken lot or the sahi toka (local guys) zig-zaggers you find on the roads. Yes sir, we are talking about the real deal here, Professional Rally Drivers.

For the first time in Odisha; a real, adrenaline pumping motor sports rally was organized and we were fortunate to be there and cover it.

The rally was organized by Kalinga Motor Sports Club in collaboration with Bengal Motor Sports Club. It was organized under the aegis of FMSCI (Federation of Motor Sports Club of India) and FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile). SPEED (Bharat Petroleum) was the main sponsor of the event. It was a 3 day affair starting from 9th December 2011- 11th December 2011. It was also promoted by Pro Sports Promotion(PSP) and IMG sports.

We had unrestricted access to the venue at Gurudijhatia village, 70 kms off Bhubaneswar. The biggest names in Motor Sport like Gaurav Gill and Musa Sherif from Team MRF participated in the race. There were other surprise packages like two podium positions on the final day by the fairer sex and a win in 1400 cc by an 18 year old.

We can assure you that it’s not a guy thing anymore.


For the Broken Scooter wryders who missed it – we bring you the entire coverage of Day 3. We will now let the photos do the “revving.”

Morning – 6:30 am
The men and their machines left Capital High School, Unit 9 and headed towards Gurudijhatia (70 kms from Bhubaneswar) which was the venue of the race.


We were more than impressed by the skill and prowess of all the drivers because all we could hear were petrol engines revving up.


Vehicles going airborne, slaloming on curves, hitting straights at 140 Kilometer per hour (total pheel) and sometimes bending fenders.

So here’s a piece of free advice: If you are planning a trip to any rally event, please don’t tell your parents about it. It lethal,entertaining and definitely not for kids.

The cockpit of the Beasts

Taming the beast

Here is a quick wrap up of the details of Odisha Car Rally 2011:

  • No nonsense driving and absolute faith on your navigator (co-driver).
  • Complete co-operation by the local government and the cops.
  • Kalinga Motor Sports Club has proved that they are a rallying club who can take the rigors and actually pull this off.
  • Sad thing but we saw no champagne in the podium. Come on, this isn’t Bahrain.

Kalinga Motor Sports Club
Kalinga Motor Sports Club is a premiere club in Odisha which promotes Motor Sports. Its present president is  Mr Praveen Chandra Bhanjdeo and Secretary is Mr Ramesh Mahapatra.The group was formed around three years back by very passionate and enthusiastic people like Mr.Praveen Bhanjadeo, Mr.Lajpat Prasad, Mr.Mithil.The main of the club is to keep rally sports alive and bring it to a new zenith in Orissa.

For further details you can visit their website www.kmscorissa.com

The Winners:

2000 cc category N+: 1. Gaurav Gill/Musa Gill (Team MRF) 1 hour 13 minutes 02.5 seconds; 2. Dr Yogeshwar
Gill / Jeevarathinam 1:19.20.8; 3. Amittrajit Ghosh/ Ashwin Naik (Team MRF) 1: 19: 33.8.

2000cc  category N: 1. Dr Yogeshwar Gill / Jeevarathinam 1:19.20.8; 2. Karna Kadur/ Somonnita Ghosh ; 1: 20:25.9; 3. Dr
Dhirendra Kumar/ Honey Narulla 1: 29: 26.4;

1600 cc category: 1. Hanoosh Surapaneni/ Ravindra Kumar 1: 24: 47.4; 2. Aniruddha Rangnekar/ Anoop Kumar 1: 28:26.1;
3. Ajgar Ali/ Debashis Ghosh 1: 30:28.8;

1400cc category 1. Dean Mascerenhas/ Shruptha Padival 1: 22.08.2; 2. Vikram Rao Aroor / AG Somayya 1: 22: 58.6; 3.
Karan AM/ Shanmugha SM 1: 24: 15.6.

Gypsy: 1. Shafeeq Ur Rehman/ Ajith KP 1:28: 10.7; 2. Sachin Singh/ Sri Latha 1:37.44.1; 3. Sanjay Agarwal/
Ramesh Kumar V 1: 41: 54.7.

Cheers and best wishes to the drivers on their next leg which is happening at Durgapur. These men and women have brought to Orissa the motoring scene of the country if not the world.

Finally we could do with a little more smoke, more noise and more Bhp.

 Photos Courtesy : Ranvir Deb

Article Courtesy
Rahul Kandoi(that driver who invaded the track)

Ranvir Deb(that guy who almost got head knocked off)
Sahil Kandoi(had a near death experience)
Aditya Kiran Nag(near death experience and attained nirvana)
Vishal Sharma
Sudhir Pandey(no he is not related to chulbul pandey !)

A special thanks to Mr Gurudutt Khuntia and Kalinga Motor Sports Club for letting us even be around the cars.

PS : We experienced it all by putting our lives and our vehicle at risk just to bring to you the thrill of careening through sandy, rocky and ungrateful graveled roads.


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